DrobnY joins Hard Legion on two-month trial

The Russian team has picked up the 21-year-old AWPer to fill the gap left by the departure of Dmitry “⁠rAge⁠” Bolotov.

Hard Legion announced the addition of Anton “⁠DrobnY⁠” Drobny to their team, completing their lineup after being down to four members since the middle of September following the departure former Windigo Academy player rAge.

DrobnY, who played his last HLTV-featured match a year ago for Royalty and spent the majority of his career in MAJESTY, will be on trial for two months, with a full-time contract to be offered to him depending on his integration in the lineup.

The Russian team has been in a center of a lot of negative attention over the last two months, as their former coach Aleksandr “⁠zoneR⁠” Bogatiryev was one of the first three to be found using the coaching bug exploit. zoneR was let go from the team, but due to the bug abuse happening in ESL One: Road to Rio CIS where Hard Legion finished third, the team’s Regional Major Ranking points were reset and they lost a spot in the upcoming ESL One New York – CIS.

On Monday, ESIC released their initial findings regarding the coaching bug abuse, extending their former coach’s ban to the maximum of 36 months, but also penalizing the team’s now-former assistant coach Erik “⁠AKIMOV⁠” Akimov (7.5 months ban), and current CS:GO manager Egor “fuRy^” Morin (7.5 months ban). Their newly signed coach Sergey “⁠starix⁠” Ischuk was also banned for an infraction dating back to 2017, but the Russian team decided to keep him on board and work with the Ukrainian outside of official matches in ESIC-sanctioned events.

Hard Legion will debut their new lineup featuring DrobnY in the IEM Beijing – Europe Open Qualifier #1 on October 5:

  • Semyon “⁠kinqie⁠” Lisitsyn
  • Svyatoslav “⁠svyat⁠” Dovbakh
  • Vladislav “⁠Krad⁠” Kravchenko
  • Igor “⁠Forester⁠” Bezotecheskiy
  • Anton “⁠DrobnY⁠” Drobny (trial)
  • Sergey “⁠starix⁠” Ischuk (coach)


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