TYLOO defeat ViCi to win ESL Pro League Season 12 Asia

TYLOO keep an iron grip on the Asia region with a sixth title in their last seven events played.

TYLOO claimed the ESL Pro League Season 12 Asia title by defeating ViCi in the best-of-five grand final, making it the second time in a row that YuLun “⁠Summer⁠” Cai and company beat their countrymen in the tournament, as they had knocked them down to the lower bracket in the upper bracket final.

TYLOO’s latest win also marks the team’s 13th straight victory against ViCi, whom they haven’t lost a series to since the Asia Minor qualifier back in March.

ViCi tied the series up on Train, the first map played in the grand final, as they had a 0-1 deficit due to coming from the lower bracket. They got off to a good start with a 9-6 lead on the Terrorist side before closing the map out 16-10 on the defense, even letting TYLOO cover up the result after hitting match point at 15-6.

ViCi then won the first half of Mirage on the CT side, albeit by the slimmest of margins, 8-7, but weren’t able to impose their will on the attacking side. TYLOO reached match point, 15-10, but a heroic effort by Zhuo “⁠advent⁠” Liang’s men took it to overtime. It was finally all in vain, however, as TYLOO closed a crucial map in the series out, 19-16, to regain a 2-1 lead.

TYLOO entered Vertigo poised to win another grand final against their countrymen to further cement their dominating position in the region, and got off to a flying start with an 11-1 lead before ViCi could put up a defense and make it 4-11 at the half. ViCi tried to mount a comeback on the attack, but were cut short as TYLOO closed the map and match out 16-8 to claim the ESL Pro League Season 12 Asia title and take home the grand prize.

The ESL Pro League Season 12 Asia final standings:

  1. TYLOO – $12,500
  2. ViCi – $6,500
  3. Beyond – $4,000
  4. Invictus – $2,000


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